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In this post, you’ll find the best drones in agriculture that rise above the rest of what’s available right now. There are lots of agricultural drones to choose from, and this article would probably help you make the right choice. Agriculture drones have been the focus of more companies lately, even despite government regulation on the use of such. With the UAV agriculture niche becoming crowded, we plowed through the options to feature only the top drones for agriculture.

drones in agriculture

If you’re planning to fly a drone on your farm, it is critical that you first identify your purpose for getting one. Drones will cost you some money and time, so it’s best that you choose the one that fits your needs and preferences. Below are the companies considered as the top brands in the niche, with the best products that they have released so far.

Smarter Farming Kit by DJI and PrecisionHawk

The Smarter Farming Kit is the result of a partnership between two UAV companies, namely DJI and PrecisionHawk. DJI is known as a manufacturer of multi-rotor hovering drones that are utilized for a wide range of purposes (including wedding videos). PrecisionHawk, on the other hand, is a cloud-based data analytics company who is focused on agriculture. The kit was created to provide agronomists and farmers the necessary tools that they’ll need to remotely monitor their crops. The kit includes an assembled M100 drone, two X3 cameras (one of which is multispectral) and a one-year DataMapper subscription.

eBee Ag by senseFly

The eBee Ag by senseFly is a drone from the very well-known eBee platform, but is customized for being used in farms. It has an infrared camera that is pretty standard, but you can make 3D thermal maps of fields by using optional add-ons. With the company’s eMotion software, farmers can plot and visualize a flight before flying, and then monitor and modify it during such. The eMotion software can be used in Windows tablets and PCs, and is Google Earth compatible.

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